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S-tuner Cars
Whatever you want me to make...If you got the cash to give ;)

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A Diffrent type of Evo
IM BACK! With a new more powerful computer that can make 3DT Cars like nothing else...
So have a Track Modded EVO 5 or 6 or 4 Whatever

Ive been working at this at school for Months... i got insparation from something my good buddy MazdaTiger from something that she had done... I have changed some things so its not an Exact copy but it only a WIP...I hope that the fan community spreads my concept around and makes this a real thing...But Anywho Ladies and Gentlemen...i bring you DRIVERTALE... =]
(I would also thank my UnderTale Fanatic Idris from my school)



Junior leagues/Minor Racers


FRP=Frisk Racing Power... Junior Race Group Specifies in Mitsubishis. Known for Extreme Kindness Behind the wheel drivers who join this group are given the sense of honor speed and most important of all DETERMINATION... Frisks Evo 8 used to Produce on 320 Bhp after a while however the engine was boosted to 517 BHP


CXR=Charas Xtreme Racers... Another Junior Race Team Run by Frisks Lover (But Don't Tell her that or she will run you down!)Chara...Unlike FRP This team drives a little more...Dirty. While they have slowed down on wrecking other people due to certain Reasons* they are still confident that they could be the best racers with they're tactics. Team also Specifies in Mitsubishis even though they seem to be older but that’s only because chara thinks that the Evo should be skinny and not "Fat"**.Charas EVO 1 has a Misfire System(Anti Lag) which turned her Exhaust into a Machine gun... Coupled with a New Set of Breddy Turbos her machine pumps out 498 Bhp.

*The Reason is Because of her love of frisk Chara. Doesn’t want to hurt any member of FRP because it would "Destroy her on the inside" Because of the Emotional Relationship with frisk


**Chara thinks that because of the newer evos weight would ruin the cornering ability and she thinks the Older Evos are more tunable


S.R.S=Sans Racing Sensation... A (Sort Of) Stillborn Team made by "Mr. Lazy Bones*" Sans... The Team has no member other than Sans But due to Laziness(As Usual) Sans prefers to use his trusty Trike to ride around Snowden and Anywhere else in the underground...He Has a Car though...A Mk4 Supra TT... However due to his laziness he can’t be bothered to build the car himself Even when Papyrus(His Brother) told him to give the car to alphys and let HER fix it his Inner Procrastination was The size of Jupiter and Its Moons Combined so he couldn’t even pick up the phone... However when frisk came he decided to build it up just for a few times so he finally let his procrastination down and finally picked up the phone and told alphys to build the car. The end result was a 700HP Beast...However because this is sans he barely drove the car at speed to the anger of his brother...Oh and He called the car the "Supra Dupra**" Because He Loves dem Puns***


*That’s what his brother calls him

** (I Suck at Puns)

*** His Brother However despises them

BONUS: I Might have rambled about sans more than the team but TBH he is a One Man Band (The only reason his brother won’t join is because he already has a team and TBH he thinks his Laziness won’t work in Races (He still loves him though))


T.R.A=Toriel Racing Academy... Team/Driving School Created by Toriel Dreemur Former Regal Rider and Ex-Wife of Asgore Dreemur the Leader of Said Regal Riders... She created the T.R.A because she and Asgore had a massive fight after their Sons Death which caused the team to be shaken up in the first place...

The TRAs main goal is to train humans with the same fate as let’s say frisk or chara.

The TRAs Main Car is Toriels Subaru Legacy which has only 350 BHP due to Toriel De-Tuning it for street use

(Because she thought that it would be too much power for a human to handle...)


PPR= Papyrus Power Racing... Race Group started by Sans Hyperactive Brother Papyrus. Group has a sort of joint Venture with S.R.S but that’s only due to Family reasons. Papyrus owns a 430BHP Celica which has a high record in the Time Attack Leagues.


The Big Guns


The Royal Scientists... Racing Scientists Who make the parts used by the regal racers ... Formerly Run by Experienced Road Racer W.D.Gaster until He fell into the core on a test run... Since then it’s been run by alphys in Her Toyota AE86 because Initial D (Anime Lolz)... Though alphys doesn’t race she’s created a ton of prototype itasha cars...Gasters 2000GT was given a 1F V8 Swap With 500BHP in the past... Alphys AE86 only produces 300BHP due to a Fear of going too fast.... As well as the internal shame of replacing gaster....And of course creating a machine 4 million time more popular than she will ever be (Metaton)



MTT/MTR=Metaton Team Racing... Racing Group Created BY Underground Idol Metaton... Metaton while is an all-round nice guy is a little crazy with money being that he has an ENTIRE Corporation at hand... MTR Work on the Fast and the Furious Rule of Pink Slips which Metaton happens to own a lot of...Metaton was created by Alphys as a test for the regal racers which ended VERY badly with the regal racers rejecting him but given how angry alphys was she went on and created the perfect vehicle for Metaton.... A K25R Swapped Honda Pilot with a Monstrous 515 BHP output to Beat Any Regal Racer.


INFINITY...Racing group created by Flowey the flower with one objective...

LAST. MAN. STANDING.....This Basically means that this group took over the Dirty Driving Part from The Former CXR... Floweys VW Beetle might look small and friendly at first but looks aren't what they seem... The engine connected to the monstrous 4WD Drivetrain is Two V8s with Two Turbos each to form a Monstrous Quad Turbo W16...Unfortunately only Half the engine has to be running most of the time as the other parts doesn’t have the energy to work which Really REALLY Pissed him off...


Regal Racers... One of the biggest teams in the underground... Run by King of the Underground Asgore Dreemur who created the team with one goal... a high position... asgores right hand man is Undyne who drives a Brabus Tuned Mercedes G-class 6X6 with 800BHP... And Asgore himself Has A 900 HP Subaru Outback Capable of literally EVERYTHING (Or so he though)...Along with that there is the training academy which Papyrus is currently Taking his Final Year of driving...

The Champ


Asriel Dreemur Racing... After his death Many Years Ago Flowey Unleashed a Burst of energy with the power of the Souls... With the burst Flowey reverted to his old self Asriel Dreemur the Son of Toriel and Asgore... His Power is unmatched and no one has ever beaten him before... His Impreza Has a Whooping 1000HP and a 4WS system that beats even the best of rivals... Asriel and chara have known each other for a long time in fact he knows most people from the underground...


Bonus (T3M)

Tem Racing Parts…An Auto Shop Made by Temmies…very quick   Civic drivers…don’t compete well on their own


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Well hey im a car guy who enjoys his god awful S-Tuner and 3DT Creations.

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